Google Project Manager Professional Certification

I did a thing!

I’ve been toying with how to validate my career experience for a few years now. You see, for whatever reason, I’ve found when you list work experience tied to athletics it is somehow viewed as lesser. Yet, the task…the actual meat of what you are doing in a given job is actually greatly benefited from the very “start up” style environment that is much of the athletic and outdoor industry. 

Anyway, once upon a time I started the MBA program at University of Denver. But that is incredibly expensive, and frankly I’m not sure what the value of and MBA is in many ways. In fact that seems to be an increasingly common sentiment within many industries. 

So I came across Google’s “Grow with Google” program. It seemed like an interesting way to validate my Project Management experience, and hell, how long could it take. 
Well, the program recommends 6 months, and it is actually quite in depth. I am not a novice Project Manager, but I have to say, I learned a few things. And some new ways of doing stuff I had already known. 

In short, it was a legit Professional Certificate Program. In fact I’m considering getting the Data Analytics one as well, just out of curiosity. 

Anyhow, hopefully it will help to validate what I believe is a quite considerable breadth of experience I have. 

Back to the Job Hunt… more to come soon. 

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