A Bit About Me (Professionally)

I am a recovering professional endurance sport athlete in pursuit of my “second act”. Truth be told, I miss my former career desperately. A fact made all the more difficult to process in that athletic performance on the highest level has an unwanted expiration date for us all. What’s worse is my career ended not with a flourish but with a fizzle due to a conspiracy of bad luck leading to chronic fatigue syndrome and a half-decade of forced recovery.

During that time I pursued various avenues, some idealistically driven and ultimately Quixotic. Others, the things you’re supposed to do and the life your expected to want. All this lead to a dysfunctional relationship, far too much money invested into ingenuine promises, and a crisis of confidence.

I realize this all sounds rather negative, something one should not be eager to convey when in search of employment. However, I want to be very clear in the path that has lead me to who and where I am now.

2020 and its various challenges forced many of us to have to examine exactly who we are and what we want. Or at least that was my experience. I moved to Bellingham, WA from my college town of Boulder, CO in late 2019 in search of a new beginning and distance from the dysfunctional relationship and ghosts of the much happier time that was my athletic career. I love the Pacific Northwest and every time I raced here over the past 25 years always I told myself I would move out here one day. Little did I know, as soon as I did the world would drastically change and I would find myself very alone, in a new city, and imposed limitations.

I moved to Bellingham working a couple of freelance jobs and expecting to pursue a career in real estate. When the pandemic hit I figured that was my perfect opportunity to put in my mandatory pre-test hours and take the real estate licensing test, which I completed in August. However, I quickly came to understand the current real estate industry in on the precipice of massive upheaval and, frankly the opportunities for a new agent over the next decade are limited.

Thus, I began analyzing where opportunity does lie and where are my strengths and skill set most effective. This lead me to what should have been a quite obvious epiphany, project management. I’ve spent my entire life, certainly my professional career (including my time as an athlete) being a project manager. I have the mentality and am motivated and eager to be involved in all aspects of a project, be it laying out my path to a World Championship, organizing a professional team to better represent sponsors, single handedly building a house on a tight timeline and limited budget, or preparing the product launch of a scientifically complicated product created by a multi-national tech startup at one of the larges sporting events in the world. These things motivate and intrigue me.

Once I came to this realization and saw the growth projections for project management I knew this was my calling. Hell, its what I’ve always been doing, I just needed the impetus of something like the 2020 crisis to force me to see it.


Welcome to JimmyArcher.com and thanks for stopping by.

I recently rebuild my website as this URL had been housed on my real estate brokerage’s server. I’ll post more on this later, but I am no longer pursuing real estate as a full time career.

Right now I’m in full on rearrange my digital footprint mode. I’m eager to get back to blogging about life in general. Lots to share, as I’m sure many of us have after the upheaval of 2020.

Check back here soon for more posts.