I grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Went to college in Colorado at CU Boulder and enjoyed a career as a professional endurance sport athlete. I had always loved the Pacific Northwest, so when the opportunity arose I moved to Bellingham, WA where I continue to be involved in the sports industry while also developing a career in project management and participating in various community organizations within sport, planning and development, and sustainable living.
As a kid I was raised in a professional drag racing family. I spent much of my youth traveling cross country to races and hanging out at at drag strips – which was pretty cool for a kid in the 80s. By the age of 10 I had been to 43 states and seen many of the things we were learning about in school.
I hindsight I wonder if I should have pursued auto racing in some form as I am definitely a car guy. But, racing is expensive so I ended up racing bikes, skis, and my feet.

I’m not sure where my Scandinavian sporting tendencies come from having grown up in New Mexico. However, after competing on a National level in running, road cycling, cross country skiing, and mountain biking I went to college on a running scholarship where I was able to earn All-American honors in running and mountain biking. Ultimately I ended up pursuing triathlon, probably because it allowed me to do all the sports under one umbrella.
During my triathlon career I competed on every continent and in numerous World Championships, finishing top 10 five times.
Unfortunately my professional athletic career finished unceremoniously as I contracted some type of Chronic Fatigue, probably due to over-training and was forced to take several years away from sport.

During this time I became active in business development in various sectors as well as home building and renovations. As it did for many people 2020 caused a complete upheaval in my life and career. After a brief foray in to real estate a decided to play to my strengths and pursue project management.

Currently I am job hunting and excited for normalcy to return.